Heart Song Moments
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 Picture of Pine Lake Looking Towards the Wilderness Area Across the Lake

Summer Love

Summer, my love. Whatís this I hear about your leaving? Itís awfully early, isnít it? You just got here.


We donít have to kid each other, Summer. I knew when you came to town that you wouldnít stay. You never have. And even though you havenít yet said it to my face, Iíve heard the talk and seen the signs that tell me youíve got your bags half-packed.


Just last week I saw the ferns turning brown and brittle. I saw the flower heads turned crisp and crackly. And I saw the fawns, their white spots nearly gone. I saw the wild berries; they were about reading for picking. I saw the squirrels and chipmunks too. Theyíve got food on their minds, winter food. That tells me something that you havenít.


Come on, love. Donít try to con me. You kiss me with 90-degree heat during the day, and in the evening caress me with the 70s. But just before dawn, I awake and feel the restlessness in you, and the chill sets in.


You set this town on fire almost as soon as you arrived. You put the sidewalks to sizzling and the blacktop to bubbling. You hadíem gasping, Summer, and thatís what itís all about.


And you and me? We fried and we broiled, but sometimes we found the shade where the little creeks run, and we swatted flies and drank the last drop from every cool breeze.


I canít tell you what to do, Summer. Youíve always gone your own way. But please, oh please, donít go yet. Take me by the hand and walk with me some more. Tell me again how it was in the olden days and how it will be tomorrow in those places where I canít see or know.


When nighttime comes, letís hold each other close, just one more time. Letís count the stars in your clear summer sky, and letís listen to the music of eternity as it is played in the throats of frogs, loons, the leaves of trees and the instrumental strings of those who dream the sweetest dreams.


And if you must go, sweet Summer, and I know you must, then let me down easy. We will not be together as many times in the future as we have in the past. There have been more yesterdays than there will be tomorrows.


So stay with meÖÖas long as you can.



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Heart Song Moments:

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Georgi, Cal, and Friends

Fall 2010

Kathy - Boat - Camp

Riders 2008

Christmas 2010 At Michelle's

  Tribute to Dad (Uncle Dondy)

 Family Reunion 1993

  Larry D'Alessandris' Nestorest

  Marchetti 45th Anniversary

Snuggle In - Our First Place At Pine Lake

Old Ermie Pics - Run in small window low resolution

 Overview of Caroga Times run in small window

 Memories of Johnstown, NY

 Zach Football - Audrey Track

 Twins discover Ginger Bread Man on the Christmas Tree

 Christmas Memories

Old Friends At Caroga - Run in small window

Christmas Morning At Kelly's

  Audrey's Fun Times

Old Family Pics of Fon Claire - run in small window

  Giuseppe Maselli-Compagna and Athene

 Virgie Procopio and Family run in small window

  California's Central Valley Around Our Home

  Old Nestorest Camp - Early 1950's - run in small window

 96 Year Old G-ma Athene at Zachary's Birthday Party

  Kelly, Steve, Gideon, Joshua and Caleb at their new home 2005

 Grace and Luke Ermie

Woodchuck Wedding - Paul -Andrea 2003

 Howie and Theresa's Wedding 7/2/05

 Michelle and Matt Wedding 2001

 Kati's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

 Kathy and Sally Kayaking

 Christmas 2005 at Kelly's

 Audrey's Play


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